Now a wholly-owned business of Datacentrix Holdings, together with Infrasol’s wholly-owned subsidiary, Merqu, Infrasol has moved into their head office in Midrand with representation at the Group’s regional offices; bringing synergy to the organisation.

Infrasol is highly regarded for its industry accreditations and ISO certifications, particularly in the areas of quality management, health and safety, and environmental management.

The company has achieved ISO 9001, ISO 14 000 and ISO 18 000 certificates, as well as Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) ratings, encompassing Level 1 CIDB General Building, Level 1 CIDB Civil Engineering, Level 6 CIDB Electrical Engineering Works, and Level 6 CIDB Mechanical Engineering.

The ‘Success Through Partnership’ slogan has paid huge dividends and has assisted many companies in growing and excelling in projects and contracts that were once out of their reach due to inadequate resources, as well as the need for project funding. Open to new ideas and business models, Infrasol has really made incredible inroads in becoming an enabler to the industry.

Through its efforts Infrasol has managed to bring a level of efficiency into the market ensuring that customers now pay a fair price for good value. Through the efficiencies understood by the seasoned management team, Infrasol has built a sound reputation on delivering high quality product and infrastructure at a fair price and on time. Our ability to administer and manage projects is provided through our project management office which is run by a highly competent team.

The company focuses on four key pillars which are all underpinned by its quality management systems, corporate governance systems and health and safety. The four pillars of the business are:

  • ICT Infrastructure Facilities Services
  • Network and Communication Solutions
  • Data Centre Infrastructure Services
  • Managed Service Delivery

Infrastructure is the primary reason for Infrasol’s existence. We cater for both internal and external services to client premises and this includes all civil work, cooling, fire control, cabling and other elements that make up the base OSI layers of any network.

Although project management methodologies have remained fairly consistent over the past decade, solutions required by customers have changed and thus require a far deeper analysis that will provide a solution in line with a company or organisation’s strategic direction. Strategic project management has become the order of the day and Infrasol is well versed in preparing project plans that can be implemented and that can achieve the business objective. Moreover, the flexibility built into our project planning will allow for adaptability should market conditions or other factors change. The understanding of integrating any intelligent business plan into a project plan thus becomes paramount. Infrasol, through its questioning techniques at inception, can provide customers with a holistic view of various project implementation plans, allowing for choice and new ideas to prevail.

In today’s environment, users are generally connected 24/7 and their reliance on equipment has become extreme. Therefore, the business models proposed in the past no longer cater for this new breed of super user. Infrasol established a 24-hour a day call centre and provides services to customers on that basis. All service level agreements look after some of the key strategic assets of this country and we are constantly on-call and have the ability to react to a multitude of issues including but not limited to diesel replenishment, infrastructure repair, equipment support and other specialised services as determined by either market demand or customer requirement.

Audio Visual and communication extends far beyond the realms previously understood by organisations. We are no longer bound by physical space, yet we all need to communicate effectively with the organisations, families and other stakeholders in our lives. This has to be done seamlessly and without encumbering individuals with a multitude of devices to achieve the goal. Our Audio Visual and Communication Solutions Division focuses on videoconferencing, layer 2 and 3 networking and telecommunication infrastructure (VoIP) across our customers’ enterprises.

Managed Services are becoming a key factor within every enterprise. Organisations can no longer rely on a single team to provide specialised services that require constant upgrade and change management in order to provide a holistic solution. Infrasol, through its various skill sets and ability to adopt change, enables our customers to remain both effective and profitable while being assured of solutions that provide for the future, as well as present. We have an understanding of the dynamic nature that surrounds our economy, legislation, and social, political fabric. This understanding allows us to create solutions that can be tailor-made to suit any organisation in the future as such dynamics change within our customers’ respective environments. In short we are not bound by preconceived notions of static solutions. Our entire business is built on the dynamic nature of the industry we serve. Infrasol’s access to a vast skills base both locally and internationally, make it the natural choice in providing sustainable managed services solutions.

In conclusion, Infrasol is a multidisciplinary organisation that has access to a multitude of products, information and skills that can provide its customers with a superior service in multiple areas of its activities, as well as forming part of Datacentrix’ strategy to strengthen its execution capacity of integrated ICT solutions from the ground level with the aim of becoming the end-to-end ICT solutions partner of choice within the local market.


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Directors Managing Director: Mike McGee
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